The United States and Canada came in 4th and 3rd respectively in total medal count for the 2018 Olympics, but how did all of the CNY athletes that competed do?

ERIN HAMLIN (Remsen), 6th place - Women's Singles Luge

While Erin made history four years ago as the first American to medal in women's singles luge, the best she was able to do was 6th place this year for her final Olympics.

CHRIS MAZDZER (Saranac Lake), Silver - Men's Singles Luge

Like Erin before him, Chris made history as the first US olympian to medal in men's singles luge.

LOWELL BAILEY (Old Forge), 33rd Place - Men's Biathalon 10K

The US has yet to medal in this sport and besides winning the 20k for the US last year at the World Cup, Lowell was unable to get anywhere near the podium this year for his final Olympic competition.

CORNELL WOMEN (Cornell), Silver - Women's Hockey

While the US stole the Gold from Canada, five women from the Cornell hockey team earned silver for Canada while defending last year's gold. Win/win!

BEN SCRIVENS (Cornell), Bronze - Men's Hockey

While this goalie playing for Canada was injured in the quarter finals against Finland, his team went on to win Bronze anyway! The US team just missed the quarterfinals themselves falling to Slovenia.

JOSH KIRKPATRICK (Cornell), 13th Place - Men's 4-man Bobsled

Originally from London, Josh sledded for Team Canada and ended up in 13th place with his other three teammates while another Canada team placed 4th. The highest that the US got was 9th.


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