Team USA Luge has been based in Lake Placid since 1979. Will that be changing any time soon? It may be.

USA Luge has decided to invite cities to express interest in hosting its headquarters. A decision on potential candidates will be expected to be brought up at the group's annual meeting on August 29th 2015.

"The board felt it prudent at this juncture to examine the best possible strategic location for our home office," said Dwight Bell, USA Luge's Chairman of the Board. "We expect this process to commence very soon. Both economic and strategic advantages will be considered in the process."

Cities have until July 31 to express interest.

According to, the news of a potential move from Lake Placid caught Erin Hamlin by surprise.

"Considering I am born and raised in upstate New York and all of my family is there it's convenient that the USLA is within a three-hour drive from home," said former world champion 2014 Olympic bronze medalist Erin Hamlin, a native of Remsen, New York. "That made it possible for me to get into and stay in the sport for this long."

Should USA Luge remain up in Lake Placid?