Looking for some common sense? That may be hard to do in our area, but not when it's in liquid form. Enjoy a glass of Upstate's Common Sense at The Killabrew.

Upstate's Common Sense beer is classic beer style that many American's used to enjoy prior to prohibition. It's based off of Kentucky Common ale.

It has a dark color with a decent hint of hops (22 IBUs), but is light and easy drinking with a flavorful taste. Many people today mistakenly think that the style is supposed to have a sour taste; but our research led us to the over 100 year old "American Handy Book of the Brewing, Malting & Auxiliary Trades" (see page 818) which makes no mention of it having a sour quality or using a sour mash to brew it. Instead, it was just a dark yet refreshing beer that the working class people of the time loved to drink very fresh.

Common Sense is served about 14 days after brewing and you can enjoy it locally at The Killabrew.

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