A story like this only comes around maybe once in a lifetime. Picture a “ferry” filled to the brim with college kids getting absolutely hammered then stripping down to their birthday suits and just wreaking havoc.

While terrified passengers took shelter in a secure room, kids from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University ”smashed glasses and bottles, overturned tables and set ashtrays alight on P&O ship Spirit of France”.

The ship’s captain, who probably is not one to crash his ship courtesy of a blow-jay from a special female guest of honor, called the riot “despicable”. He went on to say:

“There was dancing on tables and bottles and glasses kicked off tables. Males and females were exposing themselves in generally drunken, loutish behaviour. There were many complaints.”

The students were among 1,500+ people, including elderly people and families with young children. We think this could go down as the Party of the Century. This is about as animalistic and primal as it gets. A thousand plus people trying to enjoy a nice civilized trip, eating their lobster with a bib, making sure to use the right utensil, minding their Ps and Qs when hundreds of horny, belligerent maniacs flood the ballroom and go ballistic – fighting and fornicating like a giant asteroid is about to impact. It’s like a scene out of Porky’s, Animal House, or Borat only 1,000 times better.

We completely understand the need to get nude before a big brawl – don’t want anyone grabbing your clothes or tearing your shirt. This needs to be a movie and it needs to be in theaters this Friday.

[Via The Sun]

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