De-winterizing your boat is the reverse of the steps you took to winterize your boat back in the fall. Boat owners will tell you that the boat comes out in the spring, plays in the summer and then goes into hibernation during the cold winter months. Take your time to de-winterize the boat

Keep in mind every boat is different and each boat has its own set of the checklist on what to do to de-winterize the boat and get it ready for the season. Check your owners manual for what steps you should take with your specific boat.

#  1 Check The Battery.

The normal life of a marine battery is 3 to 5 years. Refill the battery with fresh distilled water and check the charge. If the battery still holds a charge you're in good shape.

#  2 Test The Boats Electronics

Go through every switch and check to make sure it works. Finally, check to make sure the automatic bilge pump is working.

#  3 Change the engine oil

Check your owners manual for information on what weight oil to use in the engine. Don't forget about the outdrive. Check for leaks in fuel lines and, repair and replace as necessary,

#  4 Fill The Cooling System

If your boat has a closed cooling system like your family car you will need to flush the system and replace the antifreeze with fresh mixture. Also, take the time to inspect all the cooling lines and repair and replace as necessary.

#  5 Inspect The Gas Tank and Fuel Lines

Your gas tank and fuel lines can develop rust during the winter months. I'm sure you fill up your tank before storing. However, the gas lines have a tendency to crack in cold weather so inspect and replace if necessary.

#  6 Check Safety Gear

Check for the proper amount of flotation devices
Read expiration dates on fire extinguishers
Test all lights in the cabin and on deck
Organize your paperwork
Check signaling equipment, horns, flares and whistles

#  7 Check Belts For Wear

As the last step make sure you double check all belts and hoses. It might be a good idea to have replacements on board and the tools needed to change out a belt if needed.  Change hoses only on land as you could sink the boat trying to change the wrong hose.

Have a great spring and summer boating season.


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