Harley Davidson Rally in Utica
Big news for Harley fans!  Utica, NY will be the host city for the 2017 Harley Owners Group Eastern Regional Rally.  It is early in the planning stage, but we've learned that the Radisson in downtown Utica will be the main hotel for the convention, July 13-15, 2017...
Want One?
Even though I'm thirty-something now, I still geek out like a little boy every now and then. Okay, maybe it's more often than I'm hinting at, but what caused my latest episode was a video on my Facebook feed of a guy riding what looked like a light bike
Coffee Saved [VIDEO]
This is definitely a 'kids, don't try this at home' moment and arguably unsafe but equally just as arguably COOL! While driving along on his bike with his GoPro cam on, this guy noticed a coffee cup hanging out on a woman's bumper and decided it was worth the rush to try and grab…

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