The dogs rescued from the Whispering Pines Animal Shelter in Oneida County will slowly be put up for adoption.

The 60 dogs rescued, some sick with parvo, coccidia, and pneumonia were taken to the CNY SPCA and given comprehensive exams. The quarantine has now been lifted, and dogs will be released for adoption a few at a time.

We contacted The CNY SPCA asking for some photos of the dogs and they told us that they would not be posting them separately:

In fairness to all of the other dogs here. So many people want one of these dogs because they have "a story", when in reality each and every one of the dogs previously here (90 of them), have a story as well... 🙂 Thank you for reaching out!

They make an excellent point, don't they? All the shelter dogs have a sad story, and they all deserve a happy, loving, safe, and secure home.

Here's a recap of what the dogs from the Whispering Pines Animal Shelter went through.

62-year-old Brenda Kunze, 66-year-old Horst Kunze, and 40-year-old Joseph Kunze owned and operated the Whispering Pines Animal was arrested on animal cruelty charges on Friday, Sept. 13.

Investigators told WKTV:

  • Brenda is charged with animal cruelty and selling sick or diseased animals.
  • Horst is charged with animal cruelty and housing animals in unhealthy or unsanitary conditions.
  • Joseph is also charged with housing animals in unhealthy or unsanitary conditions.
  • Police also charged Brenda and Horst Kunze with illegal weapons charges.

CNY SPCA Chief William Pulaski told WKTV:

"The kennel areas that the animals were kept in were unhealthy and unsanitary, conditions that animals should not be living in because it gravely affects their health...This is an ongoing investigation, we're still compiling details, other charges could be added and also the counts of those violations will also be determined at a later date."

Ready to add a family member? Go to and follow the adoption process and fill out your adoption application to get started.

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