Dogs are used to detect lots of things like mold and drugs, but did you know they can be trained to detect bed bugs? 

With the chance of bed bugs spotted in the Central Valley School District,  WIBX reports the school buildings will be inspected.

A notice sent to parents from the Central Valley School District says they'll use trained dogs in each of the locations to search for the possible presence of bedbugs.

Did you know dogs are trained to find bed bug nests? Some of the dogs used are rescue dogs that have a little more energy than others, but any breed can do this job. Once there about a year old they can start training to detect the pheromones released by bed bugs. The dogs will distinguish live bugs, dead bugs, and what stage they're in.

A dogs discovery success rate is 97%, compare that to 30% accuracy from humans. While it can take a person hours to go through a room visually detecting evidence of bed bugs, a dog can tackle the task in minutes. We should let this job go to the dogs.

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