Just when you thought it was safe to go on vacation. Actually, it is safe to go on vacation if you do a few things.

Vacation time is exciting. You pick a location you've never been before, or maybe you have a favorite summer vacation location that you and your family love to go back to each summer. It's that one week of the year you don't have to clean or pick up after yourself and you can treat yourself to a beautiful resort hotel, complete with pool, room service, and all your favorite amenities.

Should you decide to stay at a new hotel, you do your homework. Is it close to the beach, is the staff friendly and attentive, and are the rooms clean? With bedbugs back with a vengeance, you now have another task, to be sure the resort is bedbug free? Bedbugs do not discriminate, they have been found at budget hotels and four-star hotels.

So before you head off on vacation this year, here are a few tips to employ to be sure your hotel room is free of those nuisances that can create havoc in your life.

1,  As soon as you arrive in the room put your luggage in the bathroom.  The bugs don't like tile floors. I personally put a towel down in the tub and rest my luggage in the bathtub.

2. Pull back all the linens and check between the mattress and box spring all the way around the bed, and especially in corners.  If you see black or ground pepper like specs, or the critters themselves, do not go any further.  Additionally, check behind the headboard and in the lampshades, and around the phone.  Studies show they are usually within 15 feet of where you find them. I am also told should you see them you should ask for a room 2 floors up and check again.

3.  Keep your luggage at all times on desk top, dresser or hard surface and do not leave your luggage open, as they could hop in and suddenly be an unwanted guest in your home.

4. You can also keep your luggage zipped up in bags.  There are luggage retailers who sell these bags specifically to help protect against bugs.

5.  Finally, once you have arrived home, wash all your clothing in the suitcases, even if you didn't wear them and vacuum out your suitcases.

Not that I"m paranoid, but we always go to the local hardware store before heading on vacation and purchase bed bug detectors.  There are many varieties, so do your research and check out the ones that have the best rating and success.

With these tips hopefully, you won't have to share or bring home any uninvited guests!  Happy travels.




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