A Rome family is reunited with a family pet who went missing five years ago.

Animal Control found the chihuahua earlier this week. The City of Rome posted the missing pooch on Facebook to see if they could find the owner. It didn't take long to find who he belonged to. "My husband saw the post on Facebook and knew it was Leland," shared Stacy Ball.

Leland was reunited with mom Stacey Ball and human sister after being missing for five years. "Thank you for all the shares on the original post to help make this happy moment happen," the city shared.

Photo provided by City of Rome

Ball says she has noidea where Leland has been all this time but she's just happy he's home. "He knows he is home safe again."

Leland didn't have a microchip, but Ball says he'll be getting one soon.

Photo provided by City of Rome