That's all it took for a friend to suddenly find herself in a beer commercial being shot here in the Russia area of CNY.

You never know when or where your chance to have a brush with fame will appear. In this case, it was just a regular morning walk with a friend that happened to take them close, like within a hundred feet of a commercial being shot for Victoria Beer. One of the crew approached Deb and her friend and wanted to know if they would like to appear in the commercial being shot. Well, easy answer was sure what do we have to do. The Director said, "just do what you were doing a minute ago, walk."

Geelong Cup Day
photo credit - Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Talking with Deb Kessler she said this commercial was being shot and set to air in the next World Cup Games. The tech crew was a combination of people from Los Angeles and New York City. About forty people altogether.

So the next time you're out walking and somebody comes running up to you and asks if you want to be in a commercial the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Hollywood may come calling.


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