As Spring finally starts to feel spring-like, everyone is going to want to hit the water but boating accidents are far too common. Here are some of our top tips before you hit the water.

  • Make sure people can see you - Make sure have polarized glasses they cut through the glare when you are on the water. Make sure all the lights on your boat are working.
  • You need one lifejacket per person on the boat. - then make sure you are wearing your lifejacket its not for decoration it will save your life.
  • Boat like its a road - Many accidents happen just like they do on dry land excessive speed, careless or distracted driving and poor visibility. If your boat has a motor don't forget your boating license.
  • Plane and simple DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE
  • Just like with a car get insured

It's just like you thought, a lot of what you have to do is common sense. Pay attention to other people on the lake or river. This is not on the list but should be included, don't forget the safety chain on your boat trailer. Make sure trailer tires are properly inflated and buddy bearings have been greased.


Be Safe!

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