I know they just had a vacation but who doesn't LOVE a snow day?

My house would get trashed, we ate tomato soup and grilled cheese, made homemade cookies, and hot cocoa and of course made snowmen if we could! Kids love snow days. So why not make them memorable?

Here's what you need to do for that unexpected fun day off.

Step 1 - Put your pajamas on inside out (bonus points if your pajamas have feet).

Step 2 - Brush your teeth with the opposite hand (harder than it sounds).

Step 3 - Flush a minimum of 6 ice cubes down the toilet (cubes not crushed ice, another common mistake).

Step 4 - Sleep with a spoon under your pillow. You MUST lick the spoon three times BEFORE placing it under the pillow for this to work.

Step 5 - Put a bowl of ice cubes in the middle of your kitchen floor
and do the Snow Dance around it.

Step 6 - Find every pencil in the house and put in the freezer for added luck include a notebook.

Good luck!

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