Maybe we should feel bad for Ryan Seacrest's squeeze, Jennifer Hough because she had $100,000 in jewelry stolen from her, but we can also file this under idiot celebrities as well on account of who in the WORLD would just LEAVE expensive jewelry just hanging around in the glove box of their ride??


She was apparently at a friend's house when the theft occurred and it's unclear whether she left her Mercedes unlocked but when she walked back out to her car, the door was wide open and her $50,000 watch and two other expensive items went bye-bye. Dang, the lifestyles of the rich and famous! I get nervous leaving $5k worth of keyboard equipment in my car sometimes. And to you would-be thieves, key word there was SOMETIMES and quite frankly if you can carry that heavy gear by yourself, you can HAVE it!

PS- Why in the world they didn't just lift her car that cost more than most people's houses is beyond me... Maybe they're idiot criminals to go along with today's idiot celeb!

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