Bungie has posted a higher quality version of the prologue for The Dark Below on Destiny's official YouTube channel.

Original Story:

No need to blast Pink Floyd, we're going to the real dark side of the moon with the upcoming DLC expansion for Bungie's Destiny.

Kotaku reports that YouTuber Mr Jester6598 has posted the cinematic intro cutscene to Destiny's upcoming DLC expansion, The Dark Below. The Dark Below will come with new PVP maps, new story missions, a raid focused on killing Crota on the moon and a new Strike (two new Strikes if you're playing on PlayStation consoles). As you can tell by the video, the quality of this cutscene is too good-looking to be considered an elaborate hoax. We can't wait to take on Crota, who looks like... all the other thousands of Knights we were killing in Destiny already, yay. Oh well, at least it's another excuse to go back to the Hellmouth of the moon and personally introduce the Hive to our collection of bullets.

The Dark Below DLC will launch on Dec. 9 for all versions of Destiny.