Former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has streamed the new track “Become the Storm” from his upcoming solo album For the Love of Metal. You can hear the song below. Its release follows a video for lead track “Tomorrow is No Concern.”

The LP was produced by Hatebreed leader Jamey Jasta after the project grew out of a conversation the pair had on Jasta’s podcast show, and it features a number of guest appearances including Howard Jones, ex Killswitch Engage, and Mark Morrow of Lamb of God. In a recent radio interview (via Blabbermouth) Snider said: “This is a really exciting album I did not expect to make, especially at this point in my life … [Jasta] challenged me to make a contemporary rock record. And I was, like, 'Who's producing?' He said, 'I am.' And so we went in the studio [with] no record deal, and people started flocking. It just amazed me, the enthusiasm and excitement that these younger musicians – younger than me, at least – had for working with Dee Snider and being a part of this project."

He described the result as “phenomenal,” adding: “we had a bidding war from all the major metal labels. As Jamey would say, it is hard. It harkens back to my earliest work with Twisted Sister, but it's very contemporary sounding with my voice. And people are astounded, actually, that I still have a very strong, very powerful, and as Jamey says, an important, iconic rock voice. So I'm very excited about this album."

For the Love of Metal is released on Jul. 27 via Napalm Records.

Dee Snider: For the Love of Metal
Napalm Records

Dee Snider – ‘For the Love of Metal’ Track List

1. “Lies Are A Business”
2. “Tomorrow's No Concern”
3. “I Am The Hurricane”
4. “American Made”
5. “Roll Over You”
6. “I’m Ready”
7. “Running Mazes”
8. “Mask”
9. “Become The Storm”
10. “The Hardest Way”
11. “Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)”
12. “For The Love of Metal”

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