Matt Hughes tells us his son and girlfriend initially wanted to drive the red car, but it was soaked so, they climbed into the pink car.

Hunter, who's almost 2 and his father's girlfriend were both hurt in a ride malfunction at the NYS Fair on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.  Matt says it wasn't only Hunters first fair, but also his first ride:

First-ever time at the fair and first ride at the fair we were there for probably 15 minutes before this happened and then had to deal with medical, police and wade show officials for 3-4 hours

Matt tells us his story:

The cars were going a lot faster than normal it seemed and the guy was not paying attention. They started banging into each other and we were yelling at the guy to stop. After another full lap and a half, the car came completely detached from the ride and crashed into the one in front of it and went under it. 


Ride Malfunction at NYS Fair

Hunter suffered some scratches and bruises on his face, nothing serious, but Matt's girlfriend, who was on the ride with him, is seeing a doctor for her injuries, as the next day she was in a lot of pain.

She has been complaining about her neck and back being very sore and tingly. She also has a bruised elbow that is sore... She wasn’t really in a lot of pain right after it happened, but she did mention it to medical that her back, neck, shoulders, and elbow were sore. Thank God she went on with him he almost went on alone it probably would have been a lot worse if that was the case.

Ride Safety Consultant Jonathan Brooks tells CNY News:

"Once I arrived at the ride, the ride was stopped, and we took everything. We went through the ride from A to Z again to ensure that we didn't have any other issues...The operator was given a sobriety test by the New York State Troopers and was found to be exactly 100 percent sober with no issues.”

Matt says, "Not the best first experience, but he still had fun and had some fried dough and corn on the cob and saw some cows and pigs."

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