Governor Andrew Cuomo has released the latest COVID-19 numbers for New York state.

Cuomo says there were 851 total hospitalizations and eight COVID fatalities on Wednesday.

He says over 65,500 tests were performed yesterday and 584 tests, or 0.89 percent came back positive.

"New York continues to make progress fighting COVID-19 through a smart, data-driven approach and the thoughtful actions of everyday citizens, who've been practicing social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing," Cuomo said. "But the surge in new cases and hospitalizations throughout the country - and the potential for those people to bring the virus into New York - combined with the complacency we've seen in parts of our own state is a potentially deadly mix. We need to stay vigilant and smart so we don't go back to the hell we experienced just two months ago. We are not out of the woods yet."

The total number of coronavirus cases in New York is now 399,513.


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