Saying Cruise Night/Grudge Racing conjures up the vision of classic cars and match races between Chevy and Ford and Dodge. I know I would expect to see matching some of the classic cars against each other at the cruise night is a pretty good idea. This night, however, gave a new meaning to cruise night and I think the name should be changed to Bruise Night.

The track owners were not expecting an all-out brawl and finally shut down the weekly event. On a regular night for the cruise night, there would be thousands of fans and drivers.  Grudge Racing is a paid event and runs from 6 pm to 10 pm and makes perfect sense and I think would be fun to see.

Someone swinging a plank of wood to challenge someone to a Grudge Race is just not what I have in mind when talking about Grudge Racing. I understand the track has had problems every time they try to run the cars on display portion of the Cruise Night and may discontinue the cruise portion of the event if the problems continue.

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