If you're looking to sample some gelato in Central New York, look no further than The Cremeria will be open soon enough in Clinton.

The Utica OD reports the shop will open up at 17 College Street in Clinton. It's currently hosting an initial opening from 1PM to 7PM on Thursday, and will continue those hours through Saturday, and the same hours next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as a trial run. The official grand opening is set for May 10th. Currently the summer hours will be 11AM to 9PM Tuesday through Saturday, and 11AM to 7PM Sunday.

The Cremeria is the realization of a family-wide infatuation with gelato. The Macrinas happily stumbled upon the unparalleled gelato of Bologna and have been dreaming of it ever since. In an attempt to share this wonderful product with others, Maria returned to Italy to learn the art of gelato-making, bringing the authentic methods and a vision for The Cremeria back home.

The Cremeria's mission is to create a simple and natural product that brightens any day. To us, gelato is so much more than a dessert, and we hope that you’ll agree!"

Gelato is often characterized as "Italian ice cream," but it's actually a more versatile term. Italian gelato includes all frozen desserts within the realm of ice cream. In the US, ice cream must legally contains a minimum of 10% butterfat, while gelato is usually made with between 0% and 8% butterfat.

She also will be serving affogato (a scoop of gelato with espresso poured over it) and pastry items from local vendors."

Mark your calendars for May 10th.

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