If you're a big fan of Christmas movies, this gig may be perfect for you.

Professional writing and academic platform EduBirdie is shelling out $1,000 to 25 people who sign up to watch Christmas films, eat holiday-inspired foods and received presents for two weeks.

The company is searching for 25 Christmas Moodcatchers to document their holiday viewing behaviors and feelings. The data EduBirdie receives will be used to measure each individual's mood, stress and motivation during the holidays.

"We are looking for exactly 25 people to share this Christmas and its aftertaste. We are looking for the real zealots of the Christmas mood," an official job posting reads, according to Newsweek.

Moodcatchers will have to watch at least one Christmas movie every night for two weeks. The films, which include Klaus, Last Holiday, Elf, Love Actually, A Christmas Carol and many more, will be provided by the company.

The 25 selected participants will be split into five Moodcatcher subgroups, with each group given a different responsibility.

The groups include: Home Aloners, who will be required to spend their evenings at home while watching the films; Cookie Guards, who will be given a full Christmas-inspired dish each day, including milk and cookies; Heartgivers, who will have to listen to a holiday-inspired playlist for at least an hour and a half each day for two weeks; Grinch Hunters, who will be given a small personalized gift each day and have to detail how the gift made them feel; and Luck Elves, who will be required to do all the tasks at once.

"A full day after launching the position, we already have the first 1,500 applications, but we expect much more. This is not our first similar 'dream job' and our team knows how to work with such flows of data. We have begun processing applications and reading the lovely descriptions that we receive. We still expect the largest flow of applicants for the weekend of December 17-18 and the week right before Christmas," EduBirdie chief of communications Avery Morgan told Newsweek.

Participating Moodcatchers must be over 21. The gig is only open to residents of the U.S., U.K., European Union, Canada, Singapore, Japan and Mexico. You can apply here.

The final Moodcatchers will be announced Dec. 26. The experiment will take place during the two weeks following Christmas.

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