Coco the clown does more than just clown around. The central New York woman started her journey after graduating from college as a theater major. She went back to school to train as a paramedic and kept adding careers.

She found being a paramedic resulted in COCO appearing on a television show called 'Emergency on Scene' and episodes of COPS.

COCO found a Summer clown school that enabled her to hone her craft as a clown. In fact, COCO got so good at being a clown the University of Wisconsin made her the instructor of the Summer class.

The next adventure for COCO was a transition from Paramedic to that of a

goat farmer. Yes, she raises and sells goats and still can be found with her love of all things clown.

COCO has one thing to keep her busy as if she really needed one more thing. COCO raises great Pyrenees dogs.

There you have COCO, 20 years as a paramedic, 30+ years as a clown not counting raising and selling goats and dogs.



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