Have you ever seen the lifehack on the internet that claims you can clean your foggy headlights on your car/truck with toothpaste? Personally, I thought this was a load of garbage. I put this lifehack to the test today.

According to the one website I found, all you needed was the following: toothpaste (any kind will do), a towel, and water.

1) Use The Toothpaste: Rub toothpaste on the towel. For our video, I used paper towels.

2) Apply Toothpaste To The Headlight: I rubbed the towel with the toothpaste on the headlight. There was no exact science behind it, I just tried covering the whole towel.

3) Wash Off Toothpaste: I used warm water and just poured the water on the headlight. I then used another paper towel to rub the toothpaste off.

Here's how it played out:

I was utterly shocked this tip actually worked. I would recommend letting the toothpaste sit on the light for about ten minutes or so before washing off.

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