More than 120 classic cars set out from Buffalo on their annual 2,300-mile race on Saturday bound for Cooperstown and eventually Halifax as part of the Great Race. The Great Race is actually an antique, vintage, and collector car competitive controlled-speed endurance road rally on public highways.

The Great Race is more a test of a driver/navigator team's ability to follow precise course instructions and the car's (and team's) ability to endure on a cross-country trip. The course instructions require the competing teams to drive at or below the posted speed limits at all times

Flashback to 1983 and Tom McRae and Norman Miller thought wouldn't it be great to run this rally and have cars make the rally from Knotts Berry Farm near Los Angeles to Indianapolis, Indiana and finish at the Motor Speedway. The original race was open only to pre-world War II vehicles. Along the way the age limit for cars was changed to only cars 1972 and older can participate in the Great Race

Photo credit - The Great Race
Photo credit - The Great Race

If you are thinking about entering the race your car should have the following,

  • one that is mechanically reliable over varying terrain on a 2,000 + mile cross-country trip
  • one that gives you the most accurate feedback on your speed
  • one that gives you the best premium age reduction, in other words, older is better
  • one that will be the most comfortable for two people to sit for 8-10 hour a day for over 9 days.

Sound like fun? Additional information is available at the Great Race website.

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