It’s summer of 1969. You just watched Neal Armstrong walk on the moon in July. Now in August, you want some excitement before you head to college. You and your friends want to head to Woodstock, New York for the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. One of the acts you have your eyes set on is Crosby, Stills, and Nash.Crosby, Stills & Nash presented a new style of music in rock and roll. They played folk, blues, and even jazz without sounding boring or the same. They initiated a sea change in music taking bands away from blues-based rock music on loud guitars.

The original vinyl LP was released in a gatefold sleeve that depicted the band members in large fur parkas with a sunset in the background on the gatefold (shot in Big Bear, California, as well as the iconic cover art. A long folded page inside displayed the album credits, lyrics, track listing, as well as a quasi-psychedelic pencil drawing. On the cover the members are, left to right, Nash, Stills, and Crosby, for no particular reason, the reverse of the order of the album title. The photo was taken by their friend and photographer Henry Diltz before they came up with a name for the group. They found an abandoned house, north of 809 Palm Avenue, across from a Santa Monica car wash that they thought would be a perfect fit for their “image”.”


Track Listing

Side One

1) "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

2) "Marrakesh Express"

3) "Guinnevere"

4) "You Don't Have to Cry"

5) "Pre-Road Downs"


Side Two

1) "Wooden Ships"

2) "Lady of the Island"

3) "Helplessly Hoping"

4) "Long Time Gone"

5) "49 Bye-Byes"




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