I started cooking early this morning to prepare for Gourmet Guys To The Rescue.  The event is tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, November 8, 2015) at Hart's Hill Inn, and I have to have my dish fully cooked and ready to serve.  I've already revealed that I'm cooking a pork butt.  It's going to slow cook this morning while I'm on the air.  Really simple pulled pork barbecue recipe - a little bit of lemon juice on the meat, a diced onion, some brown sugar, and a couple bottles of "your favorite" barbecue sauce for about 4 hours in the crock pot.  This afternoon I'll shred it and cook it a little more.  How am I going to serve it?  For that you'll have to stop by my table at the event!

Click here to visit the Rescue Mission of Utica's website for more details about the event.