With spring in full swing, make sure you're using the correct fertilizer.

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What Fertilizer Is Illegal?

It is pretty simple. Phosphorus fertilizer is prohibited for use in New York State. Where the law gets a little muddy, is the fact there are actually exceptions.

Only Two Situations Allow The Use

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Circumstance #1:

One of those situations is a brand new lawn. For instance, if you're laying down fresh sod on your property, phosphorus fertilizer is actually perfectly fine, but with a restriction. The use of phosphorus fertilizer can only be used during the first growing season. After that, no Bueno.

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Circumstance #2:

Is your lawn looking decrepit? Well, before you just go and use phosphorus fertilizer, you'll need a soil test. Now, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation doesn't provide detail if this can be done by you. However, you can purchase soil tests that surely would give you information on if phosphorus is needed.

So, What Gives?

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The thing is, you can actually purchase this fertilizer in New York State, yet it is also illegal. Businesses who sell the item have to follow protocol and actually have signs posted educating the buyer of the danger.

Why Is It Illegal?


The entire reasoning for this being a law is also simple, phosphorus fertilizer can have a negative impact on water quality via runoff.

What Is The Repercussion?


If not followed, there can be a fine of $500 for the first offense with the amount increasing with a second offense. For more on the full law, click here.

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