It is warming up in Central New York, which means you easily could encounter a wild animal. This is what New York says you should do.

Going On A Hike?

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With the cooler days seemingly behind us and seeing Summer on the horizon, getting out for a walk or hike might be a nice change of pace for you. While doing that, you easily could encounter a wild animal. Your reaction is very important.

Deer on the edge of the road just before vehicle

That reaction will also depend on what animal you see. For the purpose of this article, let's just say you encounter a deer.

  • Leave them space, and look from only a distance.
  • Speak softly, anything loud could be disruptive or potentially scare them away from home.
  • Under no circumstances feed them, this will make them dependent on humans
  • Leave them be

That might seem simple, but there may be an urge to do something different. Don't.

These actions also apply to pretty much any animal.

What About Encountering A Bear?

Fisher - Tuesday pennanti

First off, hopefully, you encounter the cub and not the parent. If so, just walk away as calmly as possible, you never know where the parent may be. If you do instead see a full-grown bear in the wild, here is what to do.

  • DO: Be loud
  • DO: Stay calm
  • DO: Leave slowly
  • DON'T: Throw anything at the bear
  • DON'T: Go anywhere near the bear
  • DON'T: Run from the bear.

For any more information on what to do when you see a wild animal, click this link here.

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