Cayo Industrial Horror Realm needs a new home. The doors to the Broad Street location in Utica where Cayo has been the past 11 years have closed for good.

Joshua Reale, the man behind what's been voted the best Halloween attraction in central New York multiple times, says he had to leave due to building issues out of his control. We called the city codes department for more information on the status of the building and left a message, but didn't hear back.

Reale spent a great deal of time removing the long-standing attraction over the past month. Now that everything is out, he's focusing on relocating and making one big new attraction, rather than 3 separate ones. When he finds the right home, he also wants to bring back the Escape Room that he spent the past two years making. "It's going to be a lot of work to get it up and running again with all the technology we had put in, but that's one of my priorities."

The Escape Room opened last November to hundreds of rave reviews and Reale hopes to make it a year round attraction. "It’s quite incredible to think of how Cayo has become a staple in the central NY area for Halloween."

Rather than focusing on the past, Reale is looking to the future for Cayo Industrial. "We WILL be back for October 2019."

For those interested in supporting Cayo, please contact

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