Lulu, a sweet dog who has had a rough couple or years is looking for her forever home.

Lulu has survived the warehouse on Broad Street in Utica. She's a sweet girl, who's still seeking her forever home.

She's been fostered by Angels of Fur K-9 Rescue, after having come from the Broad Street Warehouse. Her story is pretty amazing. And, in spite of what she's been through, she has a GREAT attitude. She just needs a loving home. Here's her story, "in her own words," as told on the Angels of Fur K-9 Rescue Facebook page:

My name is Lulu and I am the sweetest love bug you will EVER meet. I am 9 years young and LOVE belly rubs. I spent the last 2 years of my life in a warehouse. Do you know how friggen amazing it is to run around in a backyard. It’s been so long since I ran and it feels amazing. I know some basic commands and when my nose isn’t to the ground my recall is amazing. (I’m working on it all it’s just so exciting to be in a foster home). These teenage girls here give the best belly rubs and this male pittie is great too. But do you know what would be the cats pajamas? A FOREVER HOME!!! I’m available for adoption and waiting patiently. Can you help share me until my beautiful photo falls on the wall of my future family. I’ll give you kisses for days!!!

Lulu is loving and gentle--even with farm animals, such as chickens, in her midst.

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