Cayo Industrial Horror Realm has a new home and a new attraction for the Halloween season.

After 11 years on Broad Street in Utica, Cayo Industrial has moved to Rome. The #1 voted Halloween attraction in central New York now sits on Harbor Way, under the illuminated Rome water tower beacon.

A new home means a new attraction. Joshua Reale says visitors will experience Ozone, Cayo’s past horror realms combined for one an extensive labyrinth. "The world shifts into the new direction, the need to feel human is modified by substance, the air we breathe alters decision, the foundations of life shrouded with conspiracy. Technology eradicated the soul of the human, autonomous thought ceased. Every aspect of life is altered by the science of man."

Ozone will be open every weekend in October and the first weekend in November. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door. Bring canned dog or cat food for a $1 discount.

Realse also plans to bring back the Escape Room that he spent the past two years making at the Broad Street location. "It's going to be a lot of work to get it up and running again with all the technology we had put in, but that's one of my priorities."

The Escape Room opened last November to hundreds of rave reviews and Reale hopes to make it a year round attraction. "It’s quite incredible to think of how Cayo has become a staple in the central NY area for Halloween."

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Photo provided by Cayo Industrial
Photo provided by Cayo Industrial

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