Did you wake up to a vehicle covered in ice? Here's how the pros take care of it. 

By following these simple steps from Popular Mechanics, you can get the ice off your car without damaging your vehicle. Unfortunately, it's not a very quick process.

  • If exhaust pipe and radiator grill are clear, then warm up your car with defrosters on.
  • Brush off any snow on the ice with your snow brush or broom.
  • Smack the hood of your vehicle with your glove covered hand to try to break up the ice then brush it off.
  •  Hopefully you're using winter-grade windshield washer fluid. That will help clear your windshield faster.

I can't imagine we need to say this, but don't use a shovel to free your car of snow. You could dent it or chip the pain. Also, don't pour boiling water on the windows as that will break them.


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