If you don't think you can get a ticket for speeding while on a snowmobile, think again!

Over the last couple of weeks, New York Department of Conservation Officers have been conducting a variety of snowmobile enforcement patrols around the state and infractions range from failure to stop to speeding. How fast do you think some sleds were allegedly going?

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Earlier this week Forest Rangers in Herkimer and Oneida Counties used radar to track the speed of individuals on the trails and ended up with six violations for "imprudent speed". Speeding violations ranged between 73mph and 83mph in a 55mph zone.


Snowmobiling can be a fun adventure but, if not done safely, can have similar results as you would find in your car on thee New York State Thruway. For example, there were 2 accidents reported this week. One suffered injuries after losing control of their vehicle and hitting a tree while another broke his pelvis. These are snowmobile accidents.

According to NYSDEC, on Thursday February 3rd Washington County 911 requested Forest Ranger assistance with a snowmobile accident near Lapland Pond in Dresden. A 38-year-old snowmobiler had suffered a broken pelvis. Rangers packaged the subject in a rescue toboggan, and pulled him by snowmobile to safety.


On February 5th Essex County 911 requested Forest Ranger assistance for a snowmobile accident on the Moonshine Pond Trail near Mohegan Lake. A 43-year-old snowmobiler from Ohio had lost control, rolled, and crashed into a tree. Fire and EMS reached the subject and packaged her in their Trak vehicle and rescue toboggan. She allegedly suffered head and wrist injuries.

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