I moved into a new home last weekend and everything was just hunky dory, that was until I saw a spider. And then another. And then another! Anyone who knows me knows I can't stand those little guys (and these ones weren't so little!) and I usually end up shrieking like a banshee and running away much less killing the little buggers. Well, if you'd like to rid your home of spiders without sending them to an early grave like I've been doing (while trying to preserve our own lives lol), here's a few spidey-safe repellants...


Luis Davilla/Cover/Getty Images
Luis Davilla/Cover/Getty Images

Peppermint Spidey Spray

Yeah, turns out if you pop a breath mint and huff on them, they'll leave. Well, that requires you getting REALLY close, so a better way is to mix some drops of peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle and spray the areas they like to frequent and they will vacate the premises.

Tidying Up

Of course spiders like to hide in nooks and crannies, so the less cluttered your house is the better, and if one does get brave enough to venture out, you're more likely to spot him if he has nowhere to hide.


They're more scared of us than we are of them and of course they hate anything moving around or toward them, much less something that might eat them. Having cats and dogs around is a surefire way to at least keep spiders away from you if not in your pet's stomach.

Lemon Scented Furniture Polish

Spiders don't dig citrus as much as we do so if you don't want an eight-legged surprise while you're chowing or lounging around on your wood furniture use this stuff and the spiders will be nowhere near. And best of all, just like the peppermint spray, your house will smell great


Ever notice that spiders are never crawling on a cedar tree? Me neither, BUT spiders hate cedar so if you spread cedar chips around the outside perimeter of your house like the kind landscapers and gardeners use, they won't even climb on or enter your home at all. If you've got cedar furniture or if your house is BUILT with cedar, you're all set!


Meme Of The Day - Spider Revenge!

Anyone who knows me knows that spiders are the only physical thing that really creeps me out, maybe you can relate. Here's an extreme but effective method for getting rid of the little buggers, what's your sure-fire spider-killing technique? Next: Tiny Spider Halts Multi-Million Dollar Construction Project

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