Normally anything having to do with spiders creeps me out to the max, but somehow my skin isn't crawling watching this tarantula molt it's skin off. Maybe it's Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' distracting my ears while my other senses run for the hills or maybe it's not having to sit through the entire 10-hour ordeal that keeps me watching.

But, ya gotta admit that it is fascinating in an other-worldly sort of way. I mean, there's a reason why we get accidentally sucked into Discovery Channel marathons... this molting business seems like a heck of a lot of patience too; like the human equivalent of trying to wiggle out of a straightjacket. Let's see if you make it through the whole video...



After a little research, turns out that a spider isn't really wiggling at all, it's imperceptibly filling it's limbs with fluid in order to pop itself out, much like someone who gradually gains weight and can't fit into their jeans anymore... Cool. IFL

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