The ‘Crush of the Day’ is typically famous actresses, models and people that make the cover of at least one gossip mag a month. Today’s crush, Briohy Smyth is sort-of an actress and is also kind of a model. She does appear on television and in ads. She is a yoga instructor with probably the hottest commercial for anything, ever. Ever.

According to her Facebook page, Briohy has been getting a ton of crap for this commercial. Yoga freaks feel the ad makes yoga seem too ‘sexual.’ Hey, whatever gets people to try yoga. It’s all about opening up to a new audience.

We all want to take yoga now, thanks to Briohny. Forever. Yoga seems incredibly sexual and sensual. Yoga seems incredibly sweaty. It also seems like we’ve been underestimating the whole ‘working out’ fad. It just hasn’t gone away. It’s a fad right? Please say it’s a fad.