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Alexis Wright — Crush of the Day
Putting the 'zoom' in Zumba, Alexis Wright is a 29-year-old Maine fitness instructor who is facing charges of running a prostitution operation out of her studio in southern Maine. How bout that? All our gym offers up is an occasional energy bar and disposable shower caps.
Emma Watson — Crush of the Day
It’s time to stop calling her Hermione and start calling her by her name – Emma Watson! The ‘Harry Potter’ actress is all growns up, and she’s coming into her own away from her wizard friends with a number of interesting post-‘Potter&…
Adele — Crush of the Day
It’s not much of an understatement to say the whole country has a crush on pop songstress Adele. Tracks from her hit album ‘21’ are still blanketing national radio, and with her talent, looks and large army of fans, it’s clear that she&CloseCurly…
Maggie Siff — Crush of the Day
We’re excited about tonight’s season five premiere of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ for a few reasons. The show is awesome, and it’s all about badass biker dudes breaking the law and hoping for a better future. Here’s another …
Grace Potter — Crush of the Day
Grace Potter is a talented and gorgeous musician who fronts roots rock outfit Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. And when we call here talented, we mean it – Potter sings, writes, and she plays guitar, the electric piano, organ and several other instruments.
Emma Roberts — Crush of the Day
Emma Roberts is star Julia Roberts’ niece and actor Eric Robert’s daughter. The 21-year-old actress has become a star in her own right with a number of film performances over the past few years.
Jewel Staite — Crush of the Day
Jewel Staite first nabbed our attention playing the sweet, sexy and loveable space mechanic Kaylee on ‘Firefly,’ ‘Avengers’ director Joss Whedon’s celebrated but short-lived sci-fi show. Staite reprises the role for the show’…

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