Both of the candidates in New York's 22nd Congressional District are running campaign ads featuring the same local business.

The company is Sherrill Manufacturing, which operates under the brand name Liberty Tabletop. It is the only flatware manufacturer remaining in the U.S.

Local residents may have noticed one of the company's co-founders, Greg Owens, is appearing in a campaign commercial for Democrat Anthony Brindisi, while the other co-founder, Matt Roberts, is appearing in a newly launched ad for Republican Claudia Tenney.

Below you can watch both of the ads.

Both Brindisi and Tenney have worked to support Sherrill Manufacturing as both presented Congress with a bill dubbed, SPOONSS, or the Support Procurement of our Nation’s Stainless Steel Act. It requires the Department of Defense to purchase only American made flatware and dinnerware for servicemembers. Being that Liberty Tabletop (Sherrill Manufacturing) is the only American manufacturer of such products, it's a nice contract for the company while its employees can boast that their products can be found at the White House dinner table and are also used to feed the country's servicemen and women.

That bill came from Claudia Tenney's office when she was in Congress (2017-2018), however, her SPOONS bill failed to pass through both houses. Fast forward a bit...Anthony Brindisi defeats Claudia Tenney in NY-22 and is currently the district Representative. Also believing the SPOONSS Act is a good thing for the area and would help a local business, Brindisi pushed the same bill. He got more traction, including the support of Senator Charles Schumer and after both houses of Congress passed it, President Trump signed the SPOONS Act into law this past January.

Below are the dueling ads, with each candidate feating one of the company's co-founders.

2020 Anthony Brindisi ad featuring Sherrill Manufacturing co-found and CEO, Greg Owens:


2020 Claudia Tenney ad featuring Sherrill Manufacturing co-founder and President, Matt Roberts:



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