Wei Xinlong, a college student in Changchun, China knew his girlfriend wanted an iPad, and all he wanted to do was make her happy for her birthday. So, Xinlong did what any normal guy couldn’t possibly do — he spent about $125 and built Sun Shasha an iPad.

The resourceful student surfed the web and learned everything he could about how tablets are built then purchased a touch screen, a battery and an old laptop from which he extracted the motherboard, display and memory for his creation. Knowing what his girlfriend would like in a tablet, he personalized it with sparkly rhinestones, yet managed to not hold her terrible taste against her.

The best part? The handmade, Windows 7 enabled tablet actually works. “One can read, download, watch movies, play games by just touching the screen,” said Xinlong.

There’s nothing more meaningful than a handmade gift from someone you love. The fact that it’s a technologically advanced piece of computer equipment that most people would have to buy in a store for hundreds of dollars just means that Xinlong is going to get a little extra loving from now until the next huge gadget hits the market. That’s at least 2-3 days.

[Via CNet]

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