Update 10:47am: Video just coming in of a subway car stopping and frantic passengers running out, smoke can be seen at the scene.

Update 10:34am: Schools in the area are on lockdown,

Update 10:32am: Word is the shooter was dressed in an MTA uniform, 5 were shot, no fatalities reported

There are reports that 5 people were shot, 13 were injured when someone opened fire at a Brooklyn subway station around 8:30am Tuesday.

NYPD, FBI, Homeland Security and ATF are hunting for the shooter, who apparently escaped. Witnesses say the man also dropped a device at the scene, there is speculation that it could be an explosive device.

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Have you ever stopped and added up how much time you spend behind the wheel? What are the worst commute times for counties across New York State?

How bad do we REALLY have it in New York State when it comes to our commute times? According to The U.S. Census Bureau, the national average for a one-way commute to or from work is 26.9 minutes and 9.3% of workers nationwide have a one-way commute of 60 minutes or more. Here in New York State, the mean travel time to work in minutes for workers age 16 years+ between 2016-2020 was around 33.5 minutes.

Which counties across the state are the worst?

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