Nope!  Don't like it, not one bit, but I saw that a man posted a picture of this giant bug to an Upstate NY Wildlife Facebook group, and reluctantly, felt the need to know more.

This large prehistoric-looking bug found in Upstate can kill a small bird, play dead to escape prey, and is known to bite humans. What is it and why am I terrified?

While it may not be quite as horrifying as the silverfish I had to extinguish a few years ago, this giant water bug AKA "Toe Biter" is right up there.

In case you're wondering, this is what a Silverfish looks like.

I realize that all critters and creatures have their place, their purpose, and should be respected and treated as such, but I don't think that should apply to anything this big and creepy-looking that slithers, hisses, bites, and can take out a small bird and can even play dead.  

Where was the photo taken and how fast can I move out of New York?

Jeffrey Guck from Lockport told me he and his wife were in the parking lot of a Home Depot when she saw the large prehistoric-looking bug (alive) with gigantic pinchers on its head and wanting to know more, he posted the image to an Upstate Wildlife Facebook page

"My wife Lizzie and I were walking into Home Depot in Lockport NY when she saw the bug in the parking lot, I almost stepped on it then took the photo," he explained.

The Giant Water Bug is a big insect, with large, noticeable foreleg pincers. According to the NYS DEC, "these pointy appendages are used to catch similar-sized, underwater prey like small fish, frogs, small newts, snails, and sometimes even snakes."

Oh, and they also BITE people!

Jeffrey W Guck Facebook
Giant Water Bug: Photo Jeffrey W Guck Facebook

According to the DEC, the Giant Water Bug is known to play dead in order to escape predators. They also have been known to bit people and it carries the nickname 'toe-biter' because barefoot swimmers and those who tread in shallow waters may get a toe pinched by one if they step on or near one.

Why would they attack or bite a human?

According to the DEC, they make their homes in muddy waters and ponds, so they can be seen swimming as well as walking near the water's edge and while they're not necessarily looking for a confrontation, (in my opinion) one should be avoided at all costs!

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