UPDATE: 12/08/2015  1:30pm The boil water advisory for Frankfort and New Hartford has been lifted.UPDATE: 12/08/2015 4:05am A boil water advisory remains in effect for parts of New Hartford and Frankfort this morning.

UPDATE: 12/07/2015 A boil water advisory remains in effect for parts of New Hartford and Frankfort today.

Original Story:

The Mohawk Valley Water Authority (MVWA) says a "major break" on Valley View Road in New Hartford prompted the need for the advisory.

According to a written release the "break caused a significant drop in system pressure."

As a result the areas listed below in Frankfort and New Hartford are under a boil water advisory.

The advisory will remain in effect on Monday, December 7, 2015.  The MVWA's boil water advisory hotline is: (315) 792.0309.

o   Valley View Rd, from 170 to Higby Rd

o   Sedgwick Park

o   Ironwood Rd

o   Viburnum Pl

o   Viburnum Ln

o   Juniper La

o   Silver Birch Ct

o   Thistle Ct

o   Waterbeech Pl

o   Higby Rd, from 247 to 504

o   Sylvan Way

o   Deerpath Dr

o   Deerpath Ct

o   Christine Ct

o   Stonebridge Rd

o   Stonebridge Ct

o   Stonegate Rd

o   White Pine Rd

o   Upper Woods Rd

o   Upper Woods Cir

o   Camden Way

o   Christopher Cir

o   Jewel Ridge Dr

o   Frederick Dr

o   Chapman Rd, Higby Rd to 9342

o   Westminster Cir

o   Meadowbrook Dr

o   Kensington Ct

o   Donegal Pl

o   Brookside Terr

o   Weston Rd

o   Lindale Ave

o   Tilden Ave, 2028 to 1790

o   Westwood Ln

o   South Hills Dr

o   Wadsworth Rd

o   Wadsworth Ln

o   Sherman Dr, 1710 to Tilden Ave

o   Sherman Cir

o   Sherman Ln

o   Taber Ln

o   Taber Rd

o   Mohawk St, Higby to Town line

o   Roberts Rd, Mohawk St to Oneida St

o   Sessions Rd, Mohawk St to Knight Rd

o   Mallory Rd, Mohawk St to 9319

o   Graffenburg Rd, 1354 to County line

o   Salisbury Dr

·         Frankfort

o   Graffenburg Rd, County Line to 2866

o   Harts Dr

o   Hays Rd

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