If you're going to be at the New York State Fair on Friday, September 1st, you may want to stop by the Science and Industry Building.

That's where Upstate Medical University will be giving away free bicycle helmets. The giveaway begins at 10am and goes until all 800 are gone.

According to Syracuse.com, in order to receive a helmet, children must be accompanied by a parent or adult.  Staff members from Upstate Pediatric Center will make sure each helmet is fitted properly.

The New York law that requires riders 14 and under to wear bicycle helmets was enacted in 1994. According to helmets.org,  since the law was put into place, the annual rate of bicyclists in the 14+ age range that were injured and hospitalized decreased by more than half. In 1990, 464 injuries were recorded, however by 1995, that number fell to 209.

That statistic goes to prove wearing helmets prevent many injuries and cut down on the severity of the injuries.


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