New York State is holding $15 billion in unclaimed funds. Some just might be yours. You can find out for sure at the NYS Fair.

While at the NYS Fair see the State Comptroller in the Progress Building and see if any of this unclaimed cash belongs to you. You can also go to the State Comptroller website and check there.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's office has returned $285 million to NY residents. reports there are 131,000 outstanding accounts worth $54.4 million in unclaimed funds in Onondaga County alone. They also say the largest payout was $4 million in 2008 from stocks and right now they have an unclaimed $8 million estate.

We can't imagine forgetting about money, but that's what happens sometimes, or maybe someone passes on without their affairs in order or have no family. When that happens, banks, insurance companies, and corporations must turn in the money to NYS.

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