NEVER put your guard down.

It really is a shame that criminals try to take advantage of all of us during these difficult times but they are out there and they are trying really hard to steal our information.

Take this as our friendly reminder that scammers are always coming up with new ways to access our important information especially on our computers and according to News 10, a New York Sheriff’s Office has posted a warning for us about a malicious website that’s posing as a legitimate coronavirus tracker.

Officials say the website is claiming they have an interactive map that will show the areas that are infected with the Covid-19 virus but all the website does is secretly install malware on visitors computers.

The website to AVOID is

The Sheriff’s Office did provide information about a website to trust if you are interested in tracking the virus during the pandemic. Johns Hopkins University has a legitimate website up and running with all the stats and numbers that are prevalent during this outbreak, not only here in New York but stats from all across the world. You can checkout the website here.

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