If you are traveling this holiday season, it's important that you don't use those charging hubs in airports and malls. Your personal and phone information could be hacked.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, beware if you are traveling and your cell phone battery is low. Those kiosks and charging stations that you see at airports and malls could be hubs for you to have your personal information stolen.

Those USB charging stations could be harboring malware from crooks looking to steal money and your identity. It is called "Juice Jacking" and it is used to hack smartphones, tablets, and computers. If you plug into one of these stations, it takes about one minute for a virus to be transferred. Then it exports sensitive data and passwords back to the scammers.

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It is recommended that if you do need to charge any of your devices, you should use your charger and plug directly into an outlet instead of the kiosk. Some of these scammers can do a full backup of your phone when plugged into the USB charging stations. Beware and be safe when you travel this holiday season.


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