With a weekend of pro and college basketball games on TV this weekend, there's a very good chance you're just going to sit back and watch sports while you're drinking. What if you actually want to play a sport while you're drinking?

Some sports are much easier than others to enjoy playing with a beer in your hand, such as this list from our friends at TotalProSports.com:

  • Ping Pong- Or as the Chinese call it Ping Pang, While it takes timing and constant attention, it's not a "real" sport, so you don't have to take it too seriously. Plus, it's fun to trash talk as you're slamming that little white ball around.
  • Pool- Pool is awesome because it allows two guys to hang out with each other and drink without actually having to talk to one another.
  • Bowling- Probably the greatest drinking sport there is. It's social and just physical enough that you're able to fool yourself into thinking that it's some sort of exercise.
  • Darts- There is a three- to five-beer window in which a person can reach their dart performance peak. Any fewer drinks and they're too nervous. Any more and they're not coordinated. So drink your beers and play some darts.

What’s your favorite bar type game?