Don’t you just hate when your eyes get red and sting from all the chlorine in the pool?  Uh oh, here’s a newsflash, it’s not the chlorine that makes y our eyes red and itchy…it’s the pee!  Yikes and gross all at the same time! 

Now you may want consider wearing goggles when you decide to swim in a public pool.

According to, the biggest misunderstanding folks get about chlorine and how it gets rid of all the bad stuff that people swimming in a pool may have.  Chlorine binds to all things that it is trying to kill from your bodies.  Actually, what is stinging your eyes and making them red and itchy, it the chlorine binding with sweat and urine.  Ugh.

Any germs present in the pool can actually take some time to be destroyed in the presence of chlorine. While the parasite Cryptosporidium, which can cause diarrhea, can take over 10 days to be killed off, the bacteria E. coli is completely eliminated in less than a minute.

If this hasn’t put you off swimming for life, the CDC has also outlined simple steps that everyone can follow to prevent illness and stay healthy while swimming. Read more HERE.

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