The warm weather of spring and summer is on the horizon.  And, that means one thing...ROLLER COASTER SEASON!

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Living in this part of the country, we only get a limited amount of time to enjoy the modern marvel that is the Roller Coaster.  Sure, we could travel to Florida, or California during the rest of the year to get our thrills on, but sitting through the long cold months of winter is worth it because New York is home to a number of amazing coasters.

Here's a look at my personal top 10 Roller Coasters in New York State.

10. Turbulence - Adventureland - East Farmingdale, Long Island: Checking in at 55 feet tall, 1,253.3 feet long, and reaching a top speed of 40 mph, this steel coaster that opened in 2015 plays the song "Turbulence" by Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke from it's PA systems on the lift hill.

9. Thunderbolt - Luna Park - Coney Island: Opened in 2014, this steel coaster features a 90-degree vertical drop and four inversions.  The: 38-second ride, starting at your initial drop, takes you over 2,234 feet of track, a height of 115 feet, and top speeds of 56 mph. Plus, you can't beat the ballpark and ocean view!

8. Viper- Six Flag's Darien Lake - Darien Center: A record-breaker when it opened in 1982, it was the first roller coaster in the world to feature five inversions. This 3,100-foot classic takes you down a drop of 75 feet, through a verticle loop, a batwing, two corkscrews, and a tunnel.

7. Tantrum - Six Flag's Darien Lake - Darien Center: The newest coaster on our list, having opened in 2018, Tantrum was the first coaster in New York to feature a beyond-vertical drop.  The 60 second, smooth as silk ride takes you through 1,246 feet of track, a 98-foot lift hill, and tops out at 52 mph.

6. Jack Rabbit - Sea Breeze - Rochester:  A traditional "out and back" coaster design, that when it opened in 1920 was the fastest in the world.  Jack Rabbit, which just celebrated its 100th season, is the 4th oldest operating coaster in the world, and the second oldest in the US.

5. Silver Comet - Niagara Amusement Park & Splash World:  A ride that was built to mimic its nearby Crystal Beach neighbor, this one has made several appearances in the top 50 worldwide wooden roller coaster lists. With 2,800 feet of track, a top drop of 82 feet, and top speeds of 50 mph, this one will surprise you and is a hidden Western New York gem!

4. The Comet - Six FLags Great Escape - Queensbury: Originally built and located at Crystal Beach in 1948, the ride was rebuilt into The Comet and reopened in 1994. Rated as one of the top roller coasters in the world in the 90s, The Comet features a 2-minute ride, with a top drop of 87 feet, and maximum speeds of 55 mph.

3. Dragon Coaster - Playland - Rye Beach: One of the very first coasters I rode as a kid, this one still holds up.  Opened in 1929, The Dragon Coaster has approximately 3,400 feet of track and is 80 feet tall at its highest point.  Fun Fact, this coaster is famous and was featured in the Mariah Carey music video "Fantasy" as well as in the Tom Hanks film "Big".

2. Ride of Steel - Darien Lake - Darien Center: Opened in 1999 as "Superman: Ride of Steel", this  208 feet tall hypercoaster features a drop length of 205 feet, and reaches a maximum speed of 73 mph.  The ride was promoted as the tallest roller coaster east of the Mississippi River when it first opened and remains the tallest coaster in New York State.

1. Coney Island Cyclone - Luna Park - Coney Island: An American Icon when it comes to Roller Coasters.  This wooden coaster was built in 1927, with 2,640 feet of track, an 85-foot drop, and speeds of 60 mph.  The Cyclone was declared a New York City landmark in 1988 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

Honorable Mention - Moto Coaster - Six Flag's Darien Lake - Darien Center: A personal favorite that doesn't quite crack the top 10, Moto Coaster was the first launch coaster to open at Darien Lake, and features 1,198 feet of track, that you get launched onto at 38 mph on Motor Cycle shaped trains.

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