We are putting together the perfect Central New York picnic basket featuring only the ‘Best Of The Best’ so you’ll know where to grab it quick. Today we're talking chicken.

It seems like summer is here today and gone tomorrow so get outside and enjoy it. Have a  picnic and spend time with family and friends during the beautiful weather. We’ll put together the perfect local picnic basket so you can slow down and enjoy your company.

Chicken is easy for your on-the-go picnic. Serve it hot or cold, fried, bbq, tenders, rotisserie, anything goes with chicken. We've put together the 'best' places to pick up your mouth-watering picnic chicken.

Remember eating fried chicken at picnics? We couldn't find a local restaurant that makes it any more (other than fast food chains). As always let us know if anyone else should be included and if you know of anyone who makes fried chicken.

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